“…one of the most effective arts marketers I’ve ever worked with.”

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Testimonials

“Helen is not only one of the most gifted, but also one of the most effective arts marketers I’ve ever worked with. She has the very rare combination of thorough strategic understanding and thorough practical execution. That means she can both lead teams and manage them, again not a very common trait. Equally comfortable leading the board through a strategy report and leading her staff through a box office report, it’s Helen’s ability to put policy into practice and turn words into actions that set her apart in the sector.

She delivers.

I’ve worked with Helen as she’s headed up the Marketing Departments of several major arts organisations over fifteen years. Two things have always struck me… First, is her relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement, pioneering groundbreaking techniques like Test Drive, TelePrompt and Audience Builder. And secondly, the way that she builds trust, loyalty and respect amongst her staff even while she is pushing her department and the organisation through tough programmes of challenge and change.

Would I recommend her? In a heartbeat. Should you work with her? Only if you are ready to step up a level.”

Andrew McIntyre, Director, Morris, Hargreaves, McIntyre

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