Assess + Analyse + Interpret

How I can help…

Recognise these as your needs?

Analysis of Current Practice – to include review of existing in-house/external research

And Marketing & Communications Audit – looking at current trends/existing & new markets

Do you want to make budgets go further, increase your income, cut your costs and ensure that you get return on investment for every £1 you spend?

A Brand and Organisational Review could help you to find out what your unique proposition is

Do your ‘audiences’ understand who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer them?

Start with a Database Health Check including review of your data capture systems/methods

Do you want to achieve 50% more data capture in the next year?

Help with analysing your data and interpreting the results including recommendations for IT/software/internal processes/CRM strategy

Do you want to understand your audiences better and be confident about how to use data to develop audiences and fill more seats?


Mentor + Develop + Implement

How I can help…

Recognise these as your needs?

Help devising and creating a bespoke audience segmentation/CRM system coupled with audience research, customer journey mapping

You want to use what you know about your customers to create and build relationships

Audience Development/Communications Strategy planning grounded in research and insight 

Find new people, more people and get them to come more often and try new things.

Strategy Planning to include a tool kit and implementation plan with practical suggestions on how to create and implement campaigns

Website Review & Development to include development of user journey mapping

Make sure 100% of your communications reach their target audiences

Recommend + Monitor

How I can help…

Recognise these as your needs?

Ongoing affordable support comprising regular updates and monitoring of proposals & recommendations including costs, timetable for implementation etc

Do you want to save on staff costs AND achieve your organisational and marketing objectives?

A range of consultancy packages to help you procure a new Ticketing/CRM system through the use of a unique Functionality Builder tool part of HD Consulting partnership with The Ticketing Institute. 

Looking for an integrated Ticketing & CRM system that will help you plan, implement and monitor your future strategies and campaigns?

A range of flexible, tailored options are available. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss how I can help.

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