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How to Activate Infrequent Attenders

June 3, 2014 - Comments Off on How to Activate Infrequent Attenders

Typically, half the attenders on a database only attend once a year.  Research shows that they generally get the brochure and the mailings but that these don’t persuade them to book. They tend only to book for major shows or ones they already know they’ll like.

TelePrompt is a free information service to activate infrequent attenders.  Patrons are telephone periodically and given a menu of shows (and brief information about each) about which they can order more information.  The information sent is written to be more persuasive. Read more

How to set up a Test Drive programme to develop new audiences

April 8, 2014 - Comments Off on How to set up a Test Drive programme to develop new audiences

What is Test Drive?

We all want to attract new audiences and we all want our current audiences to attend more often.  Test Drive is one scheme that does just that. It introduces people to something in the arts for the first time.  It’s affordable and actually profitable.  It’s practical and proven to be successful and it’s the result of several years development and refinement.

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On the Road to Strategic CRM: Balanced Database

February 12, 2014 - Comments Off on On the Road to Strategic CRM: Balanced Database

Now the dust has begun to settle on arts funding and organisations are grappling with having to achieve more with less and prove what they’re doing is effective, it becomes ever more urgent to get a Customer Relationship Strategy in place.

As part of my CRM quest I’m working with Warwick based database marketing company Purple Seven to deliver their cutting edge Balanced Database programme.  Simply put it’s an intensive training programme that gets you software, training and marketing support and aims to increase ticket revenue, reduce wasted marketing spend and improve mailing response rates.  And the best bit is you get your money back if that doesn’t happen!

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Marketing MOT

December 20, 2013 - Comments Off on Marketing MOT

A quick and thorough survey and response, to assess your organisations marketing fitness levels and to equip you for future challenges. Whilst work and outputs are tailored specifically to your organisation, issues and budget areas that can be covered are:

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