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The Importance of having a CRM Strategy

November 1, 2017 - Comments Off on The Importance of having a CRM Strategy

With the continuing reduction and uncertainty in arts funding, most arts organisations have to achieve more with less. We all have to work harder to prove that what we are doing is effective so having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy in place is becoming ever more urgent.

CRM isn’t about selling, it’s about marketing. It helps you build and maintain long-term relationships, through discovering how your audiences want to interact with you, and actively meeting their stated and unstated wants and needs.

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Cart before the horse for CRM?

March 12, 2015 - Comments Off on Cart before the horse for CRM?

Article First published at The Ticketing Institute

I’m constantly surprised by how many organisations, when thinking and talking about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and their CRM Strategy focus on the IT implementation that is the customer database technology.  True it’s important but if technology is applied to a faulty business strategy all that will happen is the organisation becomes more efficient at doing the wrong things!   The main goal is to have a 360° view of your customer because CRM is a strategy not a process, tactic or just a marketing function.

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On the Road to Strategic CRM: Balanced Database

February 12, 2014 - Comments Off on On the Road to Strategic CRM: Balanced Database

Now the dust has begun to settle on arts funding and organisations are grappling with having to achieve more with less and prove what they’re doing is effective, it becomes ever more urgent to get a Customer Relationship Strategy in place.

As part of my CRM quest I’m working with Warwick based database marketing company Purple Seven to deliver their cutting edge Balanced Database programme.  Simply put it’s an intensive training programme that gets you software, training and marketing support and aims to increase ticket revenue, reduce wasted marketing spend and improve mailing response rates.  And the best bit is you get your money back if that doesn’t happen!

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