Strategic Marketing & Audience Development Solutions

HD Consulting works with arts clients to help with strategic audience and organisational development. This is achieved through a combination of new technology consultancy (CRM strategy & CRM/ticketing system procurement), custom research, review and advice.

Helen Dunnett – HD Consulting – is an experienced marketing and communications professional who has worked with a wide range of arts organisations spanning over 20 years.

Central to this work has been the significant success achieved in audience development and segmentation resulting in the development of the very first Test Drive the Arts programme, a cutting edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and segmentation strategy: Audience Builder and many other ground-breaking audience development programmes many of which have been widely disseminated and copied across the UK and Europe.

By working with HD Consulting you will benefit from creative and strategic audience focussed solutions, efficient delivery and value for money.

Helen Dunnett is also Chief CRM Contributor at The Ticketing Insititute

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