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Shakespeare's Globe

Jan 2016 - Mar 2018
Phase 1: Working in partnership with Morris, Hargreaves, McIntyre on audience insight, segmentation and CRM strategy / system procurement.

Phase 2: Working with CRM system supplier and the Globe to implement the system, develop training plan, create a CRM and data strategy, achieve GDPR compliance

In 2016 I worked with Shakespeare’s Globe to build them an audience-focused CRM strategy that is reinvigorating the way they work and interact with their diverse audiences.  They had recognised that they needed a deeper understanding of what motivates, frames and influences the buying, engaging and supporting behaviour of their different audience segments.  That’s when they commissioned Morris Hargreaves McIntyre & HD Consulting with the aim to maximise the opportunities for all areas of their business – including theatre, education, commercial and development.

This meant two things; the Globe needed a CRM system to enable them to better manage and analyse audience data across departments and an insightful segmentation system that would give them the understanding required to develop and maximise their audience relationships. 

To find out more about this project see my blog The importance of having a CRM Strategy